Values Statement

Values Statement

“Promoting the Liverpool City Region as a centre of legal excellence”

Our vision
A modern, inclusive, professional organisation to represent, support and promote the practice of law in the Liverpool City Region. 

Our mission
Our mission is:
•    To support and promote members,
•    To lobby on a wide variety of issues to local and national government and agencies.
•    To offer a year-round programme of legal training, networking and social events. 
•    To undertake charitable activities
•    To promote the practice of law in our region
•    To attract and retain talent and clients in our region.
•    To champion access to justice for all.

Being a member of this Society gives members a sense of belonging, being part of a community and enables knowledge-sharing.  We have a collective voice, we are stronger together.

Our values
The values the Society aspires to are:
•    Integrity – doing the right thing in the right way
•    Promoting Community – shared ideals through shared history
•    Respect – for each other, our clients and the rule of law

Adopted May 2018