Criminal Practice Committee

The Criminal Practice Committee consists of experienced criminal law advocates who operate within the Merseyside area and practice throughout the country, in all Courts.  We liaise with all Government bodies including Local Crown Courts Magistrates Courts and the Legal Aid Agency, Police and Local Government to try to ease the burden for all solicitors in Practise. 
We consider all government initiated Consultation papers and endeavour to protect the private practitioner at all times. We assist in the training programme and the annual Crime Conference.
We also deal with the local press by highlighting any difficulties or Government initiatives which may be problematic and assist the Courts in any procedural changes and endeavour to assist in the smooth running of the court procedure.
This committee meets five times a year for an hour, at Liverpool Law Society’s offices.
Anyone who wishes to assist by being co-opted is asked to contact
Eileen Chisnall
Chair, Criminal Practice Committee