Employment Law Committee

This committee was formed at the end of 2003 in order to discuss matters relating to Employment Law.  It is a lively forum and actively engages in national consultation exercises about proposed changes to employment law, practice and procedure.

Welcome to the Employment Law Committee of Liverpool Law Society!
1.     What we do:
  • Our aim is to engage with local employment law practitioners, both in-house and in private practice, in big firms and in small,  to keep them up to date with the latest exciting developments in this ever changing field of the law
  •  We seek to influence bodies including the Employment Lawyers Association, the Employment Tribunals and ACAS to take into account the interests of our members when deciding on the  policies and procedures which affect our practice on a daily basis. We are delighted, for example, that the ELA (following lobbying from several of our committee members) has recently re commenced evening training sessions in Liverpool.    
  •  We are actively involved in responding to consultation documents on key changes to the law. 
  • In conjunction with the Society's Training team we arrange employment law seminars and an Annual Conference.
  • We act as a lively forum for sharing ideas, concerns and experiences in practising employment law.
2.     Who we are:    
  • The Committee has a diverse membership including both Claimant and Respondent - oriented firms of different sizes and in- house lawyers
  •  We also receive invaluable assistance and support from the General Committee of the and the Support team at the Society, particularly with regard to training and seminars
3.     Who are you?    
  • We are always pleased to hear from potential new members for the Committee.
4.      What next?
This committee meets five times a year for an hour at Liverpool Law Society offices in the Helix building, 2nd Floor, Edmund Street, Liverpool L3 9NY.
Apply to join the Committee - please contact Nicky Benson, Chair of the Committee at committees@liverpoollawsociety.org.uk
We hope to hear from you soon
Lindsey Knowles
Chair, Employment Law Committee