Specialist Committees


The specialist sub-committees exist to enable exchange of information and views, to formulate responses to consultation papers and encourage debate on areas of mutual interest. 

Forums and special meetings are sometimes organised as a result in which wider participation from the Society’s members and beyond is encouraged.

To join a specialist sub committee
If you wish to join a committee please write in to the Chair or email the Society committees@liverpoollawsociety.org.uk stating which committee you would like to join. You should be a member of Liverpool Law Society.   Co-option to the sub-committee must then be approved by General Committee.

 Below are some of the sub committees you may wish to join:  

Access To Justice:

The purpose of this committee is to consider issues in relation to Access to Justice including but not exclusively in relation to liaising with advice agencies responding to consultation papers, lobbying local councillors and MPs and encouraging pro bono initiatives. 
In 2015, it was decided to set up a Joint Forum on Access to Advice.  The initial aim of the Forum was to create an arena where those advice giving bodies who were primarily affected by the cuts in Legal Aid that came into effect in April 2013 could meet and seek to bridge gaps between need and provision of advice. The Forum has sought to co-ordinate efforts in providing advice across the six local authority areas covered by the Liverpool Law Society (Liverpool, St Helens, Wirral, Halton, Sefton and Knowsley) and continues to meet twice a year.

Civil Litigation:
The Society’s Civil Litigation Committee is made up of a cross section of practitioners who work at all levels and within both Claimant and Defendant spheres. The Committee has an ongoing dialogue with the Courts and its Chair sits as a stakeholder with the CCMCC assisting with the development of policy. Members have active involvement in consultations with the MOJ and other bodies including the Civil Costs and Civil Procedure Rules Committees and are regularly invited to take part in discussions and working parties as a body able to present the interests of the individual and legal profession as a whole in areas which include:
Personal Injury
Commercial Litigation
Debt Work
It is hoped more non PI lawyers will apply to sit on this sub committee.  

Criminal Practice:
This committee seeks to identify important issues, both local and national and to give voice to the concerns of the profession. The committee works with local court representatives so as to maintain mutual co-operation and ensure proper representation for members’ clients before the courts.  

Employment Law Committee:
This committee was formed in 2003 to discuss all matters relating to Employment law.  It is a lively forum and
– Discusses and shares best practice and the latest guidance from the Tribunals service.
– Engages in national consultation exercises about proposed changes to employment law,  practice and procedure.
– Provides feedback and raises issues via the local Employment Tribunal Users' Group.
– Arranges an Annual Employment Law Conference which attracts top speakers from across the UK 

Family Business:
The Committee is dedicated to promoting and providing excellent conferences and seminars to all family lawyers at a reasonable price. This year promises to be another challenging one for family lawyers. There is a real commitment in Liverpool and the wider area amongst family lawyers to promote an excellent standard of service combined with client care. We aim to continue to make a real difference. The committee meets five times a year for an hour at Liverpool Law Society’s offices. 

Non-Contentious Business Committee:
The Non-Contentious Business Committee is the Society’s forum for those aspects of non-contentious law which are not addressed by the more specific specialist sub-committees.  Much of the committee’s business involves private client (including wills and probate), company/commercial and property (including residential conveyancing and commercial property).  
Information regarding Probate Fees (Posted 14/03/17)
On 24 February 2017 the Government published its response to the ‘Consultation on fee proposals for grants of probate’.

The response sets out details of the Government’s plans to proceed with changes to probate fees to introduce a banded structure where fees increase in line with the value of the estate, and the reasons behind that decision.

Subject to parliamentary approval, it is expected that fee increases will come into effect in May 2017.  The Government response is available here.
For further information about these changes please email: probatefeespolicy@justice.gsi.gov.uk

Information regarding interim arrangements for the Probate Service ahead of the new Fees Implementation is available here Bulletin two and further information on the same is available here Bulletin three

Regulatory Committee:
The main focus of this committee is to look at and respond to consultation papers on legal professional topics from such bodies as the SRA, and to keep members of the Society informed of regulatory issues through articles in the Bulletin and other means.