Lay Member voluntary position - University of Liverpool

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The University of Liverpool are looking to recruit voluntary lay members to three of their Research Ethics and Governance Committees. They are seeking experienced and enthusiastic individuals to help ensure their research practices meet recognised best practice, providing a key public perspective to the Committees. They are particularly interested in identifying suitably qualified and experienced people with career backgrounds in research, the NHS, and the legal profession, but people from outside these fields should not be deterred from applying. Applicants should be independent of the University, and have had no affiliation with the University during the previous three years. Membership of this Committee brings with it a duty of confidentiality to the University. For more information and how to apply please see the links to the adverts below.

All 3 positions close on 23 February 2018.

Advert - Lay member of the Central University Research Ethics Committee

Advert - Lay member of the Human Material Oversight Committee

Advert - Lay member of the Research Governance Committee