Training Seat Exchange

Training Seat Exchange

Liverpool Law Society is delighted to offer the Trainee Seat Exchange free to members as a way of assisting member firms interchange trainees. The aim is to provide more training contracts on Merseyside and beyond by facilitating an exchange between firms who may otherwise find it difficult to offer their trainees the requisite number of seats in both contentious and non-contentious work.

The Training Seat Exchange, which is open only to member firms of Liverpool Law Society, operates essentially as a noticeboard whereby the firms detail what seat they can offer and also what seat they are seeking. All those listed below are interested in seeking and/or offering a seat. It is up to each firm to ensure that the terms of the training code and contract are met during any exchange agreed. Liverpool Law Society does not take responsibility for any part of the exchange, or observance of the training code or contract by the firm. The exchange must be discussed and agreed between each member firm on an individual basis.

If you would like to appear on the list below, please complete our form here>>

Please see the list below and make contact with the firm directly.  The Exchange is open only to Liverpool Law Society member firms and will be time-limited to 12 months at which point you will be able to renew for the following 12 months at no cost.


There are currently no firms advertising seats.